Friday, July 15, 2011

What the hay??

So last weekend hubs came in from doing his yard work talking about some "lizard thing" that he and our neighbor had found in the road in front of our house. Hubs, " didn't look real but it had stuff running out of his eyes, so I know it must be real!" Me, yep. Hubs, "But it must be real, it has stuff running out of it's eyes, it was huge, but I wonder if it was fake!" "It's a pretty big size."  Me, uh huh. Well the neighbor just sent me a pic of it! Whew weee.. maybe I better start listening to him a little more.

What the hay???
Have you ever in your life? Now I am creeped out to garden! Now mind you, we live in N.C. not in some tropical area.

I know it pitiful that this got run over, but really,
 it is scary to think this was roaming the neighborhood. 
So I am thinking that someone let their pet out.. but here's a thought.. I hope it didn't have babies! Have great weekend. I don't plan on being in the garden this weekend now. YUCK!


Cozy Home Scenes said...

Wow, that is huge! I don't blame you for being concerned about it running around the neighborhood. Earlier this week, we had a lizzard run in our house when the back door was open. Not one of those tiny cute lizzards, but a fat looking one similiar the one you are showing. Just not as big.

My Mom did attempt for a long time to direct it back out the door, but it wouldn't let her catch it, nor would it go back out. We sure didn't want it in the house because no telling where it would go or how long it could live in a comfortable house, we didn't have much choice except to take care of it any way we could.

If I saw one as big as yours, I'd be concerned to garden too!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...'s scary looking! Thanks for entering my giveaway! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Barbara F. said...

Now that is the scariest, freakiest looking creature I have ever see!! It looks like part alligator and part turtle????? I don't blame you for not wanting to go in the garden. I'd call a wildlife agency or sea world or some place just to have them take a look at that!! :) xo

Marigene said...

Yikes, that is a scary thought to be weeding and come upon that ugly looking thing...what is it? It doesn't really look like any alligator I have seen.

Designs By Pinky said...

OOO, that is weird looking! I don't know what it is but I would be glad it couldn't come back into my yard!!! BLECH!!!! XO, Pinky

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

What is that thing? I hope one of your followers can identify this scary little fellow!

Sandy said...

My husband is a forester in southeastern NC and familiar with most of the local wildlife. He, did not recognize this as anything he has seen before. But we googled spiny tailed lizard and what do you know, there was this creature's family. The Spiny Tailed Lizard is native to the desert of the Middle East, so this guy must have either escaped from some type of zoo or been released by someone who decided it was to ugly to keep as a pet.

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Thanks guys... I think Sandy is probably right.. my neighbor had looked around and found the same thing.. he was about 10-12 inches long.. pretty BIG for a lizard. I just wonder how long he survived out in the neigborhood? Maybe that is why my little poodle hates to go outside so much!

Babs said...

Eeeeuuuu! I hope I don't see one here in Georgia.

Colleen said...

yuck! I'm with you. I'd be running from that thing.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...


I was so intrigued by your photo so I Googled the features and I think that what you may have there is what they call a Dhubb.

Believe it or not, they are from Egypt, Palestine or Saudi Arabia. They are cave dwelling reptiles and get up to 3 ft. in length?

Check out Google images.
They are the only jagged spiney taled lizards that I could find that look like a turtle and have short limbs.


Next question, how did it get there!
Couldn't find anything about them being a registered pet import!


Made In The South said...

I was thinking that you lived on some tropical island. That is really scary. I agree, hope it did not leave any young ones laying around.
I am sure the next time hubby comes in ranting about something you will believe him. LOL, But have to say I would not believe that either!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Totally agree with the yuck part. That thing does not belong in anyone's neighborhood. I'm sorry it met an untimely death but maybe it's a good thing?? Have a really good weekend!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Yikes! That's pretty creepy! I think I'd stay out of the garden, too! Linda

Shelia said...

Oh, my goodness! That is one ugly scary looking creature! Maybe it was a good thing you didn't go outside and see it!
Thanks for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)