Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Trees

Christmas is my favorite holiday.. But because I am lazy I have put off putting up my living room tree for several years. So this year I decided to pull out the ornaments and ask hubby to get us a real tree. As usual for him he returned with the most beautiful tree.. perfectly shaped. Of course then the trip to the attic to find all the many boxes of ornaments.. There was a total of six boxes.. you know those larger Rubbermaid containers.. So excited I unpack and decorate the tree.. after hours I finished.. I stepped back and .. whew.. it was terrible.. my ornaments looked dated.. my ribbon looked terrible. A late call in the evening to a friend, "will you ride with me to Carolina Pottery"? An hour each was but she agrees. I replaced the gold angels and some other gold ornaments and replaced them with burlap flowers, some filler for the top and new ribbons. Love it! Updated new tree for me.. I guess the ornaments may have not been that bad but I had been using the same ones for 15 years.. guess it was time for a change. I just love the new tree.
Then I moved on to the kitchen tree.. a tree I have been collecting ornaments for for 6 years with one of my Granddaughters. The whole tree has to do with eating and baking.. Except for one wooden teddy bear that my Grandma painted and gave me in the 80's.
Some homemade stockings and ready!
I do have a few more decorations but been to lazy to take pics.. getting to be a habit. :) 

What is the story with your trees? New, old meaningful?
Merry Christmas!