Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free or next to Free Chalk Board

Wanted to do a quick post and show you what you can do with an old ugly picture.. I know chalkboard paint is no mistery to all of you talented folks out there. Most everyone that does crafts and redo's has used chalk paint or at least have heard of it. But, did you know you could paint over old pictures? I wasn't sure before I gave this a try.
This is an old picture I had (got it from Kirklands years ago) It made it's way from my house to my daughters and back here when she recently decided to lighten up her decor.
I believe I paid only like $30 for a pair of them... a pretty good deal. Whew.. not so pretty to look at now. But true to my personality I thought I had to keep them in hopes maybe I could do something with them one day. 
I wanted one of those pretty framed chalk boards, you know the ones that cost so much at places like Ballard Designs. So I decided to try and paint directly over the hard board with the chalk paint. The worst that would happen is I would have to throw it away and keep the frame.
It took about 3 coats of chalk paint and presto. .. it WORKED! Now, I might be the last to know that you could paint directlyover hardboard pics... but thought I would share the idea.. in case any of you in blog land have an old hardboard pic you are tired of and want to do something new with it.
I gave the old brown and gold frame a coat of off white spray paint and then glazed over it with a brown acrylic. I mix my brown with  a glaze .. about 1/2 and 1/2 so it would go over smoothly. Then you just wipe it off with a soft cloth. The great thing is if you don't like it you can put more glaze on and rub again until you get the effect you like. 

For the final thing I put a tiny bit of rub and buff on some areas to make it look like a little color is peaking thru. Gives a nice Patina. You can pick this up at any craft store .. but I recently saw there are a lot more colors on line.
This stuff comes in all kinds of colors.. it takes a tiny bit! I rub it on with my finger.. which by the way was blue for a while. A little bit goes a long way. 
I love the way it turned out.. a huge board for no cost.. my kind of project!
Have fun with an old picture.

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Hope you are having a great week this first week of Spring.
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Babs said...

Beverly, The chalkboard is a nice size and just the place for a daily Bible verse and/or reminder. I'm going to try the Rub 'n'Buff as I want to "un-gold" my powder room mirror. Your chalkboard really turned out well. Thanks for the tutorial. Great post.

Deborah Jean said...

I love this idea... a great way to reuse a picture you've outgrown...chalkboard paint is great...
Popped over from WUW... I'm # 45!


lvroftiques said...

I love it Beverly! Must say it's a huge improvement *winks* I'm about to do the same thing with an old silver plate tray. Wish me luck! Vanna

Miss Char said...

Great transformation Beverly. I've used chalk board paints lots of time but never thought to go right over a picture. Thanks for the tip!

Linda said...

What a great project! It turned out beautifully!!Very clever!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Your chalkboard looks fabulous! I am doing the same thing with some old metal frames. Today I get to test the board to see if it worked. Love the tip on the rub n buf. Gonna look for some. Happy Thursday~ Lynn

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Beverly, Thanks for the tip. I have painted chalkboard over glass and it has done really well. Love the frame! Thanks for joining my party.

Beverly said...

Wow.. never knew you could use it on glass.. hmmm wonder what you would use it on glass for.. maybe the glass over the pic? or do you guys have more cleaver ideas

Fields of gold said...

I would not have thought of that! Way cool!! Thanks for sharing the how-to of it. Great idea!! said...

Thank you SO MUCH for linking up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!!! Great entry:) I LOVE the scripture!

Hope to see you next Wednesday!