Friday, January 28, 2011

The Princess needs a cure

My oldest granddaughter just turned four. What a wonderful age.. this is the time in her life she can imagine and believe she can be anybody or anything. Her current goal is to be Rapunzel.. She told her Mom she had to have a "Rapunzel" birthday party.. (Her "Pops" and I had recently taken her to see the movie Tangled). Disney movies start a whole new identity for her most of the time. Since I do a lot of sewing, I got the bright idea to make her a Rapunzel costume for her party... just to make sure could get into character.. (you know how that works). The party was magical for her.... I really think she thought she was Rapunzel. As a matter of fact we were instructed to call her by her name "Rapunzel." She refused to wear shoes... "didn't you know the Princess does not wear shoes?" My bad.

It was a lot of work but so worth it to see the joy on her face when she saw the costume.. four year old's are such grateful littles...

And oh yeah, I managed to fit a Belle  into the week.. she loved both of them.. .
 but.. Rapunzel won out.. it was her favorite..

Our little princess had such a wonderful birthday this year.. it will be something I never forget.. such a change from last year.. we never know what year to year is going to bring around here.. last year she was sick and  hospitalized for two weeks her birthday party.. my dear little granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis (a life threatening genetic disease that affects the lungs and other organs).. so I was more than happy to spend the whole week this year sewing for her so that she could be the Princess on her day..

 In April we will be walking to raise money for a cure in the Great Strides Walk. Please join me in finding a cure ....   My dream is to see her healthy .. Rapunzel needs a cure! 

You can learn more about Cystic Fibrosis at:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thrift store trip

So I thought about quiting this blogging thing, but then I found out oldest granddaugther (4 today by the way) likes to look at my pics on the blog.. so heres to you sweet girl. I guess I will keep at it for a while since I know at least one person is following..
I went on a venture to the local thrift store before Christmas.. my sister in law is always talking about the great deals she can find.... and.. some other bloggers do a wonderful job at finding great things for their homes.. so I thought I would give it a shot.. What a wonderful first try I had, I scored as a matter of fact. .

Four whole bucks!!! I love it.

These guys were $ 3  for the short one and $4 for the taller?? go figure but they are really cute in the guest bedroom.
 China bowl (that actually matches my serving pieces) I really don't think this was ever used.. I paid $4 for this piece..

And my very favorite find!!! This was a little more at $15 but...

I know the canvas is pulled and the frame is chipped but I just love it!

So needless to say I have been back several times since.. and... NOTHING. Oh well, I will keep trying.
Oh yeah, can't wait to share my lastest finds on ebay.
Have a great weekend.