Friday, June 24, 2011

Calling All Chalk Painters

I have decided to paint our hutch but have no idea what color to go for. I am leaning toward a cream or green color but already have so much cream with the cabinets and my living room is on the verge of having too much green. I want to use the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and so many of you have already used it with beautiful results. So I wanted to ask you seasoned chalk painters what you think. This a pic of the hutch. They are older pics so no I don't still have fall decorations up. 

Can you see something else black.. I think it might be too much.

Wanted to show you a pic of the curtain colors. Red? What color under the red?
Here is a pic of the cabinets and the granite. What do you think? There is a color called  Duck egg blue that I love but it won't match. Would Primer Red be too dark? I need a color that the pewter would look good with. I don't use the blue canisters anymore. The walls have a greenish cast.
I am looking forward to your suggestions on color. I know there is some awesome talent out there and you guys are sooo helpful when I have a delemma. Thanks for stopping by and helping me out! 

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Kathy said...

I have just started with Chalk Paint - I purchased through Robyn Story Design. She provided a sheet with paint swatches with the purchase.
The red color would be quite bold - I am considering painting my desk red. Perhaps you could paint the sides and fronts Old White and the back - behind the pewter red. I'd make sure to follow directions - get a good synthetic brush and use the wax - it gives the paint a great finish - I have the clear - but if you want a stained look they have that too.
Good Luck!

Barbara F. said...

Beverly, your kitchen is gorgeous! A real dream kitchen!! I love cream and green together, actually that is what I have in my kitchen. What about a brick red or rust? I am not familiar with Chalk Paint, but a pop of color would look good, I think. I love your granite. xo,

Tanna said...

I look forward to seeing the suggestions! I have one of these that I would like to refinish, too! Your kitchen is lovely! blessings ~ tanna

Jeri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, popping over to say hi! I Love your Kitchen and the colors!

I would paint the hutch in a darker green , like a shade between the wall green and the green in your curtains and candles,
and distress it pretty good,
then paint the back in the cream that matches your trim....
The pewter would really pop.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my two cents--can you pick out a color that is in your granite? It looks like there's some cool green in there. You have a beautiful kitchen, so I'm sure that whatever you choose will be gorgeous!

Becca said...

Hi Beverly, you'll love the chalk paint! I just painted a few pieces old white (and, again, thanks for your sweet comment about my painted buffet). What about Chateaux Gray? I bought it awhile back and am going to paint a piece with it soon ... it has a greenish and grayish tint to it. Kim, at Savvy Southern Style, recently painted her entry piece in it ... you should pay her a visit and see what you think! Good luck ... look forward to seeing what you do. And, what a gorgeous kitchen you have!

Recaptured Charm said...

LOVE your kitchen. I can see that hutch black. It would really pop against the cream walls. Deep, deep barn red would be nice too!
Either way, it's gonna look fantastic.

Beverly said...

How about a khaki or gold? I think either one of those would blend yet still make a statement.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

I have been looking at all the color suggestions 'cause I'm not sure about the color either. I do like the idea of some shade of green (green/gray maybe?) with the interior painted cream. I do love red, but am not sure if it might be too much there(unless you painted the outside red and the back cream). We have cream glazed cabinets and a black island base, so I can really visualize the dilemma! I'm not help, but I can't wait to see what you do! Linda
(p.s. where are your hydrangeas?)

Pia said...

I have used a lot of the chalk paint colors-love them, by the way. Also LOVE your kitchen!!! I have only used primer red, not emporers silk- but I love the primer red. it's a deep rustic red, even more so with the dark wax. The chateau grey is really an olivey greenish color with a gray base- weird as it sounds, using both colors on one piece and distressing looked great! Not at all christmas-like.
Anyway- just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in :)
love your style! I'm sure you'll pick just the right color- don't worry

Cindy said...

i think the duck egg would be perfect. it would go with the walls, the pewter and the drapes. both the red and the gold would both go with that color....try it on a smaller piece of furniture and leave it in the room for a few days to see what you think.


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Beverly I LOVE your kitchen!!! I have the same ck panels in my dining room. I know this is an older post so I don't know if you painted your hutch yet but chateaux grey by AS would look beautiful on your hutch! Martina