Monday, February 25, 2013

Multiplying like Rabbits

In spite of the predicted cold week, I am getting excited about the arrival of spring. Plants are peeking their heads about ground. Robins chirping and hopping all over my yard.. all signs spring is coming. A big part of my spring is to drag out all my bunnies, and of course IF needed ,buy some new ones.

How cute is she? Don't ask me how I know it is a she..
My only purchase so far this year
but the season is young!


Well believe it or not I still have more rabbits! Unfortunately I took these pics at night, a no no so a lot of them did not turn out..but what can you do when you work all day? I hope you enjoyed the ones I have posted. Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Delineator

A while back I found a magazine The Delineator for  the 1930's that I thought would be perfect for my sewing room. The magazine was published by Butterick in the early 1900's. Since it was in pretty rough condition I wanted to use the cover to spruce things up. Do you ever buy one item that seems to snowball a project?

Beautiful isn't she?  I want to give you a tour of how it turned out. I tried to use as many thrift items to redo the room as I could. 
I have a few before pictures for you from an older post.
I like the way the fabric is arranged.. (don't look at the mess on the bottom right) sorry about that.. I folded the fabric on magazine boards.. that took several days but it was worth it. 
Here is a close up of the folded fabrics in a box I bought for two dollars.
I sorted all my buttons in cheap jars.
Most of the threads and the childs sewing machine was my husband's Aunts. I love them in the cloche's and a plus is they are protected from dust.
These hide my serger thread and elastic. Who would think chicken wire would ever be so sought after?
The little chandelier is a $2.00 item from thrifting.
before: serger area
Hubs cut cork board and painted to a frame I had painted and stained. 
Hubs made a cabinet for my threads.. he has been so sweet in helping me get the room perfect.
An old spice rack works well for some trim.
 The Paris plaque was a $5 find.
I used paper mache' to put old pattern pieces on canvas. 
Second area for sewing is on a cabinet for $25
All the shelves and containers were thrifting items
paint, paint and more paint.  
So that is a little tour of a place that makes me very, very happy. I just wish I had more time to spend in my room.
And..lastly my prize position, a $25 chandelier.
Hope you enjoyed my tour of my sewing room. 
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