Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hutch Transformation

Isn't this a beautiful hutch? It all started when my mother decided she wanted a new hutch. She had bought a new dining room table but still had her 70's French Provencial dining room hutch.....Mom announced, "I am buying a new hutch".  Of course, my big mouth says, "no way, yours is perfect, it just needs a coat of paint".. duhhh... did I really think my Mom at 78 years old would paint a hutch? She has asthma on top of that.. no way could she do that.. Nope, but what she could do a great job of was to nag me to do it... So, what do I do? Nag poor hubs to do it.. which he gladly did.. "We" decided we could take the easy way out and not paint the shelves so "we" wouldn't have to take the back of the cabinet off.. well that went over like a lead baloon.. the back was something that looked like gold wallpaper out of the Brady Bunch's home. Then there was the GOLD diamonds all over the glass front.  Of course I give hubs the, "what if "we" speech. Bless his heart, he is good as gold.. he took the back off the back and painted the shelves. With a razor blade he chipped off all that french gold paint off the glass. At 8:00 pm I made a made a mad dash to JoAnns to find the perfect black and white fabric to staple over the hidious gold back.. Perfect!  When will I ever learn to take before pictures? Arggghhh I missed the perfect opportunity to capture a dramatic change of an old piece of furniture. I just about forgot.. Mom cried when she saw her old piece (which I filled w/ all finds from the thrift store) Just goes to show, nothing is trash, there is beauty in all that old stuff our parents and grandparents own. As the old saying goes, what's old is new again. 


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Thanks for coming to my party with this beautiful makeover...lucky mom:)


kalyxcorn said...

very cool Beverly! :)