Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Craft Room

One thing I have wanted for years was a place to craft.

This past year we did a little remodeling in the house. I thought that would be a great time to claim a space. The bonus room had been everything from a TV room to an extra bedroom.. so why not a craft room? I did a lot of research on how to set the room up and store all my junk crafting items, and my sewing supplies in one room.. I had one HUGE mess. Everything was in boxes and bags.. spilling out of closets and drawers. I didn't know what in the world I had for supplies.. I couldn't find or get to a lot of my supplies.. After a lot of thought, I decided Ikea would be the most economical choice. Also, it would be the fastest and easiest way to go. So one Sunday me and one of my daughters, took the  3 1/2 hour trip to Charlotte.. We took my hubby's pick up truck... not one of those regular size pickups.. noooo, one of the small Ford Rangers.. Holy smoke, I still don't know how we got all those boxes on that cab! Honestly things were hanging off the sides and the back... we keep looking back on the ride home to make sure everything was there.. In addition to all you see here on the blog, we had an extra chair and bookcase in that cab! Squeezed those suckers in that cab like sardines packed in a can.. The guy who helped load a little and I mean a little, kind of had the attitude of .. well if you think you can get all that in that cab, more power to you...  We showed him! Funny what a woman can figure out when she needs to, right?  Just glad hubby wasn't there, he would have told me no to that packing job.. his favorite thing to say.."Beverly, you can't do that, it won't work, we'll get it next time". 
Anyway.. on one side of the room I put all my sewing supplies.. looks neat huh? Not anymore, that didn't last long.. although the storage does keep everything pretty organized.. see my buttons up there?

I can actually tell if I have what I need know.

Don't judge.. I know that is a lot of fabric.. actually there is more now.

This is the old island from the kitchen
I plan on giving it a little "Martha" redo in the near future.. some silver pulls.. and maybe a coat of paint.
The storage is good
This granite counter top is awsome for the glue gun and cutting .. no worries about messing something up.. the glue peels right off the granite when it dries. The chairs work well for me and my granddaughter when we have craft day.. she loves the room.. so do my dear daughters.
The serger table.. 
Speaking of Martha... that little craft holder turns kind of like a lazy susan.. that is Martha's, from Michaels. With a 1/2 off coupon was a great purchase. 
The sewing table.
I put the printer on a table that I got at Ikea for only $5 !! I'm telling you.. you can really stretch your dollars there. I have got to hide the hanging is for a larger long floresent know when you get older you have to have extra light? By the way, the sunlight I get thru this window is great. The computer sits on this desk because my embroidery machine runs off it so it needs to be close to the machine. Do you see my baby's bed under the computer? My little poodle Gidget always joins me when I craft or sew, so I HAD to put a bed in there for her.
I need some window covers and art.. the Graphic Fairy has some good vintage sewing prints... huh?? be thinking. What about the windows? 
Here is the craft side.. these bins hold sooo much stuff.. stamp pads, ribbons, fabrics, adhesives, paints..on and on.. so nice to have everything out of site. 
The stamps, beadings, and the paper supplies in the shorter storage. The drawers slide out so easy and holds a lot. The stamps fit perfect.. I can see the tops so I know what design I have.. no more digging around hunting for a particular stamp. I know I have a lot of stuff.. but keep in mind...I am old.. I mean, mature. Lots of years to collect.

Thought I would hang some vintage art to go with the spools and threads...something like this from the Graphic Fairy, any other suggestions of places to get graphics .. she is great and hers are free.. I like that price.
 I have a lot of old patterns that have lovely art work.. any ideas on using those? You guys are so creative. It's like going to school.. I love it.
I robbed Mom for some of those threads.. I love them because she has had them since I was a kid.. whew.. I meant before I was born.. hee, hee 
Thanks for stopping by.. I can't wait to hear your suggestions

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thrifting Again

The weather here has been pretty dreary today with rain and no sun. Not the greatest day to take pics but... I absolutely could not wait to share some of what I found at the Thrift Store today. I had an appointment at the hairdresser this morning so I figured as long as I was out in the rain I might as well stop by my local thrift store. If you didn't see what I found Saturday you need to take a look, it was an awesome score. Naturally I thought today would not stand up to the excitement on Saturday. Boy was I wrong!
Keep in mind the lighting is awful, but check this beauty out. 

This is a larger pic.. I have not measured it yet.. what attracted me to it was the frame and bonus the colors are the same as my room redo.. Aren't those rich looking colors?
The frame is a plastic type of material.. I knew it was older, because I just bought "Pinkie" and "Blue Boy" off eBay in a small frame out of the same material and they were made in the 50's. Here is a closer view.

I just love it.. isn't it beautiful? Such lovely spring looking flowers. 
See the signature? Marion Rice, an American Artist born in 1901. It is a litho.. not real but, I love it just the same.
So should I paint the frame and glaze it? I am not really liking gold these days, but..not sure if I should tamper with it. I would love to have your advice .. It would be gorgeous painted the color of the vase w/ a would really make the details pop. Hmmmm
I did have some more great finds today but the pics turned out terrible. I also got some stuff for Mom's house, she is wanting a redo.. When the weather breaks I will be getting some pics of the rest of my junk treasures and the stuff I got for Mom.
Thanks so much for stopping by.. I am loving your comments, stories and advice.. I love
learning about you guys. 

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ultimate Find

I am so excited to show you my thrift store find! I think this is my best score yet.
Holy smoke, Fostoria Mayflower.. can you believe it? $1.99 a glass. I walked up as a lady was putting 8 goblets in her cart.. but she left 4. Boy two minutes earlier and those babies would have been mine, all 12. 
But, not to worry.. this is what she left behind..
12 liquor glasses.. (I will use them as dessert) Wow stinkin' 12 of them!

As I was gathering them .. another lady comes up and snags all the sherbet glasses. Dang it! I always thought there was a rule of thumb not to reach over anyone.. but that went out the window this morning. Maybe I need to get more aggressive at this? 

So I looked them up on replacement and on eBay.. each of the smaller glasses will cost you around $12 and the larger are $30! I paid $32 for the whole thing.. I cannot believe my luck this morning. Of course I keep thinking if I had only been there a couple of minutes earlier.. The check out person told me I was number 7 that had checked out with a lot of these babies.. who ever owned them must have had 12 of everything that was produced.
Who would get rid of these? My daughter says someone probably cleaned out an attic and never opened the boxes.
Anyway, Fostoria Mayflower was  produced from1939-1955. The design is a basket of flowers and floating garland. I love them!
Thanks for stopping by.. Have blessed week.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

? Tulip Tree

I wanted to share pictures of this lovely tree we planted several years ago. The funny thing is when we planted it I think the tag said it was a Magnolia. But every year for the last few years, right at the arrival of spring, this tree sprouts beautiful pink flowers that look like tulips. When I did a search on the net it came up it maybe a Magnolia Tulip Tree. Anybody have any idea?

It blooms before it gets leaves.. which is the same information for the tulip tree.. 
Here is a new bud

Looks like it has on a little fur coat..
Here are a couple of close ups of the open flowers.

So what do you think? I would love to hear from anybody out there that knows about this one. It sits outside my living room side window.. It is lovely. 

On my last post I put up some pics of some thrift store finds.. I wanted to share how beautiful the butter dish looked when I cleaned it. 

One of my fellow bloggers said her Mom won one just like this in the 60's..

I love the detail on this

 Isn't it beautiful?
Hope you have a great weekend.. We are due some rain and colder weather.. I am staying inside and working on a project with my daughters for all my little granddaughters.. Hope to be able to put it up next week. 
Thanks for coming by!
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My New Thrift Loot

My Mom decided she wanted to decorate her house with a new look. Of course my first idea was to head to the local thrift store. I scored but she was not interested at all.. However, I did talk her into a couple of beautiful pictures of clipper ships.. of course she wants me to paint the frames. In spite of her lack of enthusiasm  I had a good day.
First I wanted to show you this vintage baby scale I found a few weeks ago.. isn't it the cutest? I bought it for my daughter who is a photographer.. she loved it!

I love the little graphics on it.
So back to this trip.. bunnies!
Cute for $1 .. 

and another $1.00 bunny.. I can never have too many
Won't he be cute with an egg in his wagon?
Avon stamped on the bottom.
Now... for finer things
Haven't polished this yet but I can tell it will turn out beautiful.. Sheridan silver.. I had really wanted one of these. I got the boat and the tray for $5. Not bad.

There may be a spot or two that I will have to work hard on.. it seems more like tarnish since it came off on my hand, but I will still like it if it is worn some.
Now, saved the best for last.. I love this!
Can you tell what it is?
Do you know what it is yet?
I love the detail.

A butter dish! Now I know it may not polish perfect.. I see some areas..but I think it is wonderful. I am so excited... my Mom not so much.. I will say she always likes my finds after they are cleaned and shined.. Mom, gotta get your hands dirty and dig for treasures. I know all you treasure hunters out there know what I mean.. I absolutely love the hunt.. I know you do too.. Thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah Mom ended up buying new stuff.. to each his own. I like my old stuff better.
Would love for you to leave me a note that you stopped in.. any information you might have about the butter dish I would love... It was not marked. 
Have a great weekend!

Whooo lots of parties and pretty things to see this weekend!