Saturday, March 26, 2011

? Tulip Tree

I wanted to share pictures of this lovely tree we planted several years ago. The funny thing is when we planted it I think the tag said it was a Magnolia. But every year for the last few years, right at the arrival of spring, this tree sprouts beautiful pink flowers that look like tulips. When I did a search on the net it came up it maybe a Magnolia Tulip Tree. Anybody have any idea?

It blooms before it gets leaves.. which is the same information for the tulip tree.. 
Here is a new bud

Looks like it has on a little fur coat..
Here are a couple of close ups of the open flowers.

So what do you think? I would love to hear from anybody out there that knows about this one. It sits outside my living room side window.. It is lovely. 

On my last post I put up some pics of some thrift store finds.. I wanted to share how beautiful the butter dish looked when I cleaned it. 

One of my fellow bloggers said her Mom won one just like this in the 60's..

I love the detail on this

 Isn't it beautiful?
Hope you have a great weekend.. We are due some rain and colder weather.. I am staying inside and working on a project with my daughters for all my little granddaughters.. Hope to be able to put it up next week. 
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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I always called it a tulip tree also, but last month someone corrected me and told me it was a Magnolia. hmmm.

monah said...


Visiting you from Pink Saturday.

The silver elegance is very pretty. Enjoy your rainy day projects. They are the best.

Please visit me too.


Wendy said...

Beautiful! I think I have heard it called both. I am so happy you shared these beautiful photo's it reminded me that we need to plant one here at our new home. It also gives me hope that warmer weather is on its way if your tulip tree is blooming!
Have a great weekend.

Deneen said...

Yes this is a Tulip Magnolia Tree! We have several in our yard and they are beautiful!

NanE said...

Hi Beverly, Happy PINK Saturday and thanks for stopping by my blog! You are right, it is a Magnolia. The botanical name is Magnolia Soulangiana and is sometimes called Tulip Magnolia or Saucer Magnolia. I have one too but unfortunately mine is in a bad place and doesn't bloom like it should. I really should have moved it last Fall. Mine has deep, deep orchid blooms. Your silver piece is gorgeous! Have a great weekend, Nan

Dianne said...

Hi Beverly,

It looks like a Magnolia "Ann" tulip tree. It is a magnolia, but is also called a tulip tree. They are all over Vanderbilt campus and bring such beautiful early color. Dianne

under spanish moss said...

My grandmother had a tree like this and we always called it a Japanese Magnolia. I think it has several aliases. Beautiful!!

Linda said...

So lovely...pretty springtime photos!

Rustic and White said...

It is a Magnolia tree but they do look like tulips don't they? We have one in our front yard. The flowers always come first and then the leaves. This way the leaves don't get in the way of viewing the beautiful flowers. I am only sad that it is not a fast growing tree so I will be long gone when it is large and magnificent! I am new to your blog and have signed up to be a follower!

Keetha Broyles said...

Having lived in the Carolinas, I only picture ONE tree as being a Magnolia - - - thick waxy green leaves and large sweet smelling white blooms.

So, when I started seeing trees like this that you are showing being called magnolias, I was shocked! I did a google search and guess what??? They ARE magnolias too - - - just a different variety.

That lovely tree I think of as being a magnolia is a SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

Your tulip magnolia is stunningly beautiful!

Happy PINK Saturday...hope you're having a lovely weekend :O)

I'm a new follower from

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Too funny! I was at the greenhouse pricing them this week. I actually have a shot of the price tag with the name Black Magnolia Tulip & it's photo attached. I'm sure there might be other varities as I've seen a few color variations here in Georgia of this tree. But it's definitely a Magnolia! They are a breathtaking tree for sure... Your photos of it are GORGEOUS! Great eye with the camera!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Babs said...

It looks just like my Tulip Tree called (Magnolia "Ann". I've also heard the tulip tree referred to as Japanese magnolia or saucer magnolia. Ours is in full bloom also here in GA. Oh, and love your silver butter dish.

Bevelry said...

Oh thanks so much guys.. It is nice to finally know what it is.. I do love it.. funny.. tought I lost the Magnolia we planted.. Here in NC I always think of the Magnolia like Keetha with white flowers and waxy leaves.

Terri Morse said...

Wow! Your magnolia/tulips are the prettiest shade of pink. I've never seen them that color. They always looked lighter to me. Your butter dish cleaned up beautifully. It really is exquisite. I love the pedestal legs. It's very unusual. Hope you're having a terrific weekend! Terri

pinkkandy said...

Happy Pink fun to join in all the Pinkness...I pray for God to bless each one of you peace and strength...enjoy the day!

Beverly said...

Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments so much. It is official .. I know what my tree is.

Mandy said...

In Mississippi we call it a 'Japanese Magnolia', it sure is pretty at any name you call it! :)