Sunday, October 20, 2013

Decorating for Halloween

I have come to believe I am a terrible blogger. I have not posted since last spring! Somehow for me holding down a full time job and blogging don't mesh together so well. I did however, finally put out my Halloween decorations and wanted to share them with you.

Well not so much Halloween, but I wanted to show you what you can do with a few things from Michaels to spruce things up for the season.

Now here we go..

Are these two guys adorable or what?

Mum, you want some coffee? OK>>> I know that was corny.
Dollar Tree sign.. good deal huh? 
I found this glass bowl at an antique fair.. it had a small chip in it that was glued back in, but for $10 I thought it was a deal.. in perfect condition these babies bring a pretty penny.

Kind of hard to see this candy corn guy. My cousin made him for me.. talents!







Do you ever wonder how on earth you are so blessed? I do.... I am so thankful the Lord allows me to have such pretty things in life to enjoy. So that is my round up of Halloween... Hopefully, I can get some pics up of the yard before the fall season is over. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'll be taking a peek at what you guys have been up to. Have a blessed week.