Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Bad Idea Turned Good

Today out of the blue I said to hubby, " you want to got to the flea market with me?" Hubs, "No." But not using good judgement, I talked him into the trip. What was I thinking? It was hot as blue blazes today and would be even hotter at the flea market because it is set up on black asphalt. The purpose of the trip was to find something pretty to hang on Hubby's shed. Of course, I didn't tell him that. I am not crazy yet. (Although I did drag him to the thrift store again this weekend and that wasn't good judgement.)  When we got there I headed straight for the guy with all the old iron pieces for the yard. He has been out there peddling his goods for years. Every weekend he has something a little different. This time he had trailer bed full of small iron items, like plaques of pigs, roosters and devil heads..yes I said devil heads. I thought at first they were like those greek sun faces, but nope, these guys had horns. I think they are old.. Hubby, "that junk ain't old." Me, "yep I guess they are, I saw one of the Planter's Peanut man. Remember him?" A peanut wearing a top hat. Anyway, nothing I coudn't live without, not worth arguing with hubby about. I did see a iron work scroll panel that would be perfect for the side of his shed. The guy wouldn't come down a penny under $40 but that wasn't a bad price but Hubs wasn't convinced. Finally I did talk hubs into getting it. Do you know how hard it is to talk your husband into buying something to pretty up his shed is? He wasn't the happiest in the world but off he went to the car to bring up to load the panel. While he was gone, I saw it.. WOW.. I thought, this thing must be at least $500. She was a beauty, so chic. Reluctantly I asked the guy, "How much for this", while rubbing it like it was a pet or something. The guys granddaugther says to him, "you have to load it up to take home." The guy, "you can take it home for $175 right now." WHAT?? Of course I met hubs at his car door when he pulled up to tell him about the deal. He stared at me for a minute and said, "give the man a check." Are you kidding me? I was having trouble getting him to buy a scroll. Maybe it was a ploy to keep me from hanging something pretty on the shed. But I think it was him just being kind to me. He really is ..

I have wanted an arbor for years. I knew just where I would put it if I ever got one. I recently spied one in the garden center near my home with a hefty price tag on it.. sigh... But today, there she was, in all her glory of chippy paint (probably lead) and a nice patina to boot. I love it more than the one at the garden center.
I think she is a real beauty, rust, missing finials and all. 
The guy selling it to me was like "you can paint it and make it real purty". Are you kidding, I love the paint on it. 
I would really love to know where it came from. I think the next time I get out to the flea market, I will ask him.

She is not sitting where she will end up and I think one panel is on backwards, but we wanted to see how she would look like in the yard. I have to admit, it is so much prettier in my yard than it was at the flea market.  What a great hubby to have! 

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Calling All Chalk Painters

I have decided to paint our hutch but have no idea what color to go for. I am leaning toward a cream or green color but already have so much cream with the cabinets and my living room is on the verge of having too much green. I want to use the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and so many of you have already used it with beautiful results. So I wanted to ask you seasoned chalk painters what you think. This a pic of the hutch. They are older pics so no I don't still have fall decorations up. 

Can you see something else black.. I think it might be too much.

Wanted to show you a pic of the curtain colors. Red? What color under the red?
Here is a pic of the cabinets and the granite. What do you think? There is a color called  Duck egg blue that I love but it won't match. Would Primer Red be too dark? I need a color that the pewter would look good with. I don't use the blue canisters anymore. The walls have a greenish cast.
I am looking forward to your suggestions on color. I know there is some awesome talent out there and you guys are sooo helpful when I have a delemma. Thanks for stopping by and helping me out! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Decorating on the Cheap

Hope you all have had a wonderful Father's Day. I had the sniffles today so hubby had to go eat with the kids without me. (boo) Lucky a cold doesn't affect my blogging ability. This weekend before my little cold set in, I made my weekly dash to my local thrift store. A weekly trip is sure not as fun as three to four times a week, but beggars can't be choosy. I also took Hubby with me on this trip. I can't count how many times he said "where are going to put that?" or "what do you need that for?" Not to be discouraged, I pressed on. When I saw this church birdhouse sitting in a corner my heart skipped a beat.   

 I threw this baby in my cart so fast hubby didn't even see me do it. 
It's pretty tall so I had no idea where I would put it. I found a nice spot on the corner table on the screened in porch.  

Next I found a cool wicker and wooden tray. It needs a little nail in the side to secure it but hubs said he could do it, after he ask "what are you going to do with it?" 
 I thought it would be nice for lemonade on the porch. Last find of the day was a cute little pitcher for the tray in the kitchen.  I also found this basket it is sitting in at the thrift store a while back. 
There are my new little chippy chickens I found last week.

I think I had some good finds this week. Lately, I have been thinking about how much of my decor has come from the thrift store. I really love the hunt and the great finds. It just goes to prove you really can decorate on a budget and find some great stuff at the thrift stores.  
Well I'm back to the grind tomorrow. It is really hard finding the time to blog when you work, but I am determined to hang in there. Thank so much for stopping by. Hope you have a happy week!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chicken Dance

Would you like to do the Chicken Dance? Yea, I know I am being corney tonight.

As some of you know, I am having a rough transition going back to work full time after over 9 years. The drive is over an hour drive each way, not fun. Rates right up there with getting up at 6 am every morning. I know I am a whiner. It is not that I am not thankful.. it is just a transition. I was enjoying my coffee on the screened in porch in the morning. I was loving seeing my grandchildren whenever I wanted to during the day. I don't know about you but I don't like having a "boss" that is the age of my oldest. Oh well enough whining. Oh yea there was a point to getting on this train, I am having a bit of problem trying to fit in time to do my treasure hunting. Finally Sunday I found time at 4:00 to make a dash to the thrift store. What a quick hunt! They actually had out a mega phone to announce how many minutes before the bathroom and the fitting room was locked. Speaking of, do you try on clothes from thrift stores? I don't. Maybe it is just around here, but there is definitely an aroma of a wet diapers or depends in our thrift stores.. so NO SIR not me. I did find a great pair of jeans from Cold Water Creek one time, but I just took my chances and took them home for a good sanitized wash before trying them on. Maybe I am just a germ a fob. Whew rambling tonight...
What I found today was a great pair of salt and pepper shakers. Chicken dance anyone.
Yep, I know they have plenty of flaws but I think they are THE cutest things.
He is so adorable.

Somebody loved these guys enough to patch them up several times before giving them up.

Did you see her pink cheeks? A darling.

Am I crazy to buy such a chipped item? I think they are so cute, I couldn't resist. Do you think I have just turned into a junk collector?
Here is another pair I found. I would guess they are both from the 50-60's what do you think?

Another silver try I found today also. It is by far the heaviest I have found. Remembrance by Rogers. Not perfect but it will hold towels in the bathroom. Oh, by the way be careful with that. I have one in our master bathroom that has formica counter tops in white and the bottom of the silver got wet and turned the counter tops green! It won't come off.
I want to tell you how much I enjoy having you guys stop by and visit. I look forward to seeing your creative blogs.. I have stopped buying my collection of magazines. Honestly that are not as good as looking at your blogs, and they are free!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Cry Baby

OK, I have had it!
For over a week I have had trouble with my blog, AND I can't post on every one's blog! I go to post a comment and it leaves the post and goes to sign in my account which by the way.. no matter how many times I sign in or change my password, I CAN'T sign in! I have lost track of some blogs I have followed forever. I thought this would pass but, not so at this point. I also tried to post by using my ID, nope. I know some of you talked about the same problems a few weeks ago.
Now for my second issue. Remember these?

Obviously something went wrong with my drying process. 

OK, I know you are laughing. 

If you have any advice, I'll try it. I am going now to find my paci.
Oh yea, Happy Monday. 
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