Thursday, March 3, 2011

Carolina Blue

I just had to share what it looks like here in NC today.. it is a little cool but beautiful!

Isn't that just gorgeous? That is a true Carolina blue sky.

Isn't the Forstythia brillant against that sky?

Bradford Pear

Our neighborhood was lined in these but the storms over the years have claimed a lot of them.
They are a weak tree.. I am surprised ours is still standing.

I am enjoying seeing all the trees and flowers begin to bloom.. Spring is on the way!
Hope your day was as beautiful were ever you are.


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~K @ VintageSkye said...

Hubs and I are HUGE fans of North and South Carolina. It is beautiful there! Was able to make a trip to South Carolina in December. Cold but lovely, being from the northwest it was nice to have a weeklong break from all the snow.
Hubs always tells the kids that we are gonna move to North Carolina. It's a dream, but we have too many ties here so it will have to just be our go-to spot for vacations!

Cindy said...

Absolutely bea-u-ti-ful! I would love to see this in person :) Happy PS!

Simply Debbie said...

Stunning post and I don't think I have ever seen a sky that looks like it was painted...brilliant color.
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

I heard wonders about the Carolines..must see one day...

~ Gabriela ~