Saturday, January 26, 2013


Whew!!!! Wow.. unblievable but I have been locked out of my blog for over a year! Yes it has taken the help of hubs for all of last night and early this morning to help me get back into my own blog.... Boy did I miss hearing from everyone.. Lots to catch up with.. I will spend most of the day visiting your blogs to see what has been happening.. We have a new addition to our family who is Everly ... one month old. Added a sweet pic of her and her sister (big girl Phereby) . Hope to catch up w/ you guys soon.


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WELCOMED BACK!!! I'ts never to late to go back to blogging and get hookes again! Your Everly is simply adorable..congrats and many blessings for him, his family and the new year! Big hugs,
Fabby from: FABBY'S LIVING