Friday, January 14, 2011

Thrift store trip

So I thought about quiting this blogging thing, but then I found out oldest granddaugther (4 today by the way) likes to look at my pics on the blog.. so heres to you sweet girl. I guess I will keep at it for a while since I know at least one person is following..
I went on a venture to the local thrift store before Christmas.. my sister in law is always talking about the great deals she can find.... and.. some other bloggers do a wonderful job at finding great things for their homes.. so I thought I would give it a shot.. What a wonderful first try I had, I scored as a matter of fact. .

Four whole bucks!!! I love it.

These guys were $ 3  for the short one and $4 for the taller?? go figure but they are really cute in the guest bedroom.
 China bowl (that actually matches my serving pieces) I really don't think this was ever used.. I paid $4 for this piece..

And my very favorite find!!! This was a little more at $15 but...

I know the canvas is pulled and the frame is chipped but I just love it!

So needless to say I have been back several times since.. and... NOTHING. Oh well, I will keep trying.
Oh yeah, can't wait to share my lastest finds on ebay.
Have a great weekend. 

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