Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final post for Christmas

Today I finally unpacked our most treasured decorations. These are gifts that have been given to us from our family some who are no longer with us...  I am honored they shared their love of Christmas with us.    

This china was passed down from my husband's Aunt..  I adore it!

dessert plate

Two sets of cups

I added a thrift store tea pitcher to the set. I paid a whole $3.00 for it this week. Gotta love that!
   These cups are simple... but take a look inside.

cute huh?

Looks so much like a story book illustration.

The table
Another gift from my cousin.. doesn't she have the most gorgeous face? Thank you Connie.. The green china is from my father in law.. I will do some pics of it later.. I love it.. good story behind the gift.

Made by Connie Tognoli

One of the original.. I like him better than the new guys.

Painted in 1977. She is so beautiful to me.

Well that are my post for Christmas.. I am waiting for my second new granddaughter in as little as two weeks. Hopefully I will soon be too busy rocking to post for a while..  Have a great weekend!