Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Family Get together

Not much blogging for me recently and I have certainly missed visiting everyone. I have been wondering if I will ever get back to things on a regular basis again. I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. For me, this was the official way to kick off the fall/winter holidays. Today we had a little family get-together. Just a few pics of my little set up for the kiddies (they loved it.) I love dressing up everything in the house for the kids.. I wish you could have seen their faces, it was wonderful. I got a lot of good deals from the Dollar Store and from a half off sale at Pier One. 

The crows flew in and landed. (Did you notice I did paint the hutch?) Not finished but I am really loving it. 

A few witch hats, My Mom iced the hats on the cookies for me. 

Chili and cider on the stove. Yummm.

Steaming witches Brew.

Dog treats and Marinara.. (bread sticks)

Cookies made by my daughter
Yikes what's in the apples?

Paper banner, so inexpensive and cute!
Call the exterminator!

Why do I love these ugly vintage looking cats so much?

Two dollars, glue and dollar store. Love it.
Sorry a little sideways. How easy to glue three mini pumpkins together?

Hope everyone stays warm. Now for the hunt for decorations for Thanksgiving! Do you love to decorate for the holidays? 

Happy Halloween!