Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Books and the Mysterious Nightmare

I wanted to share a couple of sets of books that I found at the thrift store. I was really impressed with how well they had been cared for. Or maybe never used.. Anyway I thought they made a beautiful addition to my book case. 
I think the colors are wonderful. The images on and in the books would never pass for today.. not for children's book.. although, I think video games are more violent (from what I hear). 
The inside cover... yea, it looks scary.. never took a close look at it until today, when I did some editing.. There is a story related to this pic that will follow..
As you can see each volume is divided into groups of stories with a common theme.  For instances,
Volume 7 The Animal Book, has 
Black Beauty, Gulliver the Great, Lassie Come Home, etc. 
Volume 1 Fairy Tales and Fables    
The Story of the Three Little Pigs, The Old Woman and Her Pig and so on. Many of the stories in this volume were written by the authors William and Jacob Grimm. Each subsection in this volume are stories from different countries.. Grimm's stories are Tales from Germany. In addition, there are Tales from England, Norway, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia, India. Finally there are Fables From Aesop. So wonderful!
This edition was copyright is 1958. 
Here are some pics of the other set I found, Greatest Short Stories
 Sorry the titles turned out so blurry.. but I think you can see some of them.
Another view.
The front of the book.
There is not one picture in this set.. 
I had to add this book to show you, Robin Hood. I love the colors and the illustrations on the book cover.
The inside cover.
Remember I told you a story unfolded from these books? My four year old granddaughter has had a recurrent nightmares for the last four day. She describes her dreams vividly. "A blob thing is bouncing on the stairs, it has no eyes, nose or mouth". Our family has racked our brains to come up with the source of her nightmares..Was it one of her medicines she was taking, was it a commercial, or left over anxiety from her recent hospitalization? Then suddenly today while going through the pics.. there it was! THE BLOB.
 See it chasing the little girl? Yes, Sophie had loved looking through these books five days ago for the first time. She loves books and enjoyed looking at my newest in the bookcase. Mistery solved.. so here is the question, will I be able to keep the books in the bookcase now? Looking at the pics thru a child's eyes is a lot different than an adult. We'll see.
I wanted to also show you what came in the mail yesterday..

Isn't that the sweetest note pad and hankie? I love that verse. I think it came at the most appropriate time for me.

A a tablecloth in the perfect color. The prettiest vintage cake stand!
It was like Christmas.. I was so excited opening the box. As I tore the box open, Hubby ask, "what have you bought now"? Nothing, my sweet friend Sherry at Blue Ridge Altered Art sent it. I won a great giveaway she had... lucky me! Thank you so much Sherry.
Thanks so much for stopping by.. I have really enjoyed getting to know each of you, the best part of blogging is getting to know each of you and looking at your wonderful ideas and photos on your blogs. Your support has been wonderful, thank you all.

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Linda said...

Wow. I love old books and these are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Beverly! Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet comment. I also wanted to thank you for listing us on your blogroll. I've done the same for you. Love all your old books. Now that I'm retired I would love to read the classics. Congrats on winning that cake stand. It is gorgeous! Lucky you.

Kim said...

AHA! I love those books! My grandfather has both of those sets in a georgous forever old glass door covered bookshelf. You took me back to my childhood for sure! AND...I definitely did not like the books or the stories as a kid (I am 37). I was a big reader too. I would be despearate for some reding material when I would have sleepovers, and I would try and try again with different volumes from these sets, but alas never got into any of them. Oh well, they still bring me a warm memory so that's good enough for me!


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Beverly, I love decorating with vintage books and the colors on yours are wonderful! What a great addition to your bookcase. Congrats on your wins. Love the cakestand. Thanks for sharing this at my Open House party.

lvroftiques said...

Beverly I have that exact same set of junior classics from 1958 that I also found them at a junk shop! I love your other set also! I just can't resist an old set of books. *winks* And your cake plate note pad and hankie are wonderful! Vanna

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I love the vintage books! And, memories of the Grimm's tales are some of my most favorite from childhood. I don't know about the nightmares... It would be tempting to put the books away for awhile, but I do know I loved hearing these stories when I was a child.

Congratulations on the beautiful givaway prizes!

blessings ~ tanna

Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting guys.. I am glad the post good memories for you.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

I love the books--thanks for sharing them!

Cha Cha said...

Love your books, what a great find!!!! Sorry they gave your granddaughter nightmares. Thanks for sharing, I will now look closer at the book section at Goodwill

Cha Cha

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Your old books are wonderful! I have a hard time resisting them, especially childrens books. And that cake stand is GORGEOUS!! I love it! You're a lucky girl!

Saundra said...

I had these books as a child and loved them. I mostly stuck with the fables of the three pigs and such. I'm regretting I allowed them to sell at my parent's estate auction. Guess we can't save everything.

Beverly said...

Thank you so much.. I am glad you enjoyed them. It is amazing how many people have remembered them from childhood.

Gold Shoe Girl said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw those books. I have the exact same set although I've had mine since they were given to me from my mother's best friend 25 years ago. I used to read them for hours. If you get a minute come visit my blog ( I used them to show off my knickknack shelf. You got a great treasure at the thrift store.