Monday, February 28, 2011

Help Needed

So today I made a quick run into the thrift store looking for a shelf to use in the master bath... which by the way I did not find. What I did find is this wonderful frame.. I have been looking for a good frame to use to display some white (faded and off white) antique dolls and a baby sweater. My plan was to put some linen or burlap as a backing and pin the clothes into the frame. I thought this frame would be perfect for the job, it is  is heavy wood. Here comes the problem.. Problem # 1 that is

I have decided I may want to use the print in the fame for our bedroom.. I used the same colors of blues in the bedroom.. it's certainly not the nicest print in the world ..but I do love the way the sheep are looking at Jesus. So what do you think? Should I redo the whole thing or keep the print in the frame? What color would you paint the frame if I decide to keep the printt? I would diffenatly paint it white and antique it if I use it to display the clothes.

Problem # 2 The Lamp...

again a thrift store find.. I thought I scored.. this lamp was exactly the shape I wanted so I immediately went to buy a shade from Home Goods. Shades are not easy to find. .. any ideas on where to get them? Last week I had found a smaller similar shapped lamp. Hubby sprayed it chocolate brown for me..the paint bubbled.. so he says he will sand it down and paint it again. I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue.. we used Krylon.. anyway back to this lamp.... What color would you paint the base? or would you leave it? What about the shade? Should I cover it? If so what fabric would you recommend? And last question for this one... Is it too large? 

Here is a pic of that side of the living room.. I could not get the colors right... The walls are not as bright  yellow, they are more gold.. I think the name of it is SW Restrained Gold. I thought that would give you a better idea of the scale of the lamp and the colors in the room. You can see a little of the leather color in the room.. the couch and another chair. Also see the lamp on the table between the chairs?
Problem # 3
I painted and stained this lamp.. it was the gold color every lamp from Kirklands was for a few years.. sorry I don't have a before pic. What would you do with the shade for this lamp? It is still that gold color which does not look good with the new color. Any ideas.. would you use a different shade?

I think the base really turned out well and would look great with the right shade. What about you? 
Hope everyone has a good week.. we had a gorgeous day in here in NC, but storms tonight.. the plants will love the drink.  Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by. I would love to have you follow me. I really have enjoyed meeting all you wonderful bloggers.  


At The Picket Fence said...

Hi Beverly! What great finds! I would definitely paint the frame around the Jesus print and I was thinking maybe those lamps could switch places? They are both so great though and with the right shades and the right finish they are going to be fabulous...actually the finish on the 2nd one is already fabulous! I just love this entire warm and welcoming and I have to tell you that I saw the post of your kitchen and it is gorgeous!
We have a giveaway going on right now so we hope you will come on by and enter to win!


Beverly, I love your room, so warm. Yes, change the frame of the print with Jesus. Love your finds, you did score! I love both lamps. How 'bout a pleaded shade for the second lamp, the one with the soft colour.
Nice meeting. Hope you come visit, I'll be delighted!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much.. still trying to figure it out... I will try trading places with the lamps.. had it that way and hubby thought it was too big for the table.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Beverly-

Thanks for leaving me the nice comment. I think you should do the frame with the sweaters- sounds really nice. As far as lampshades - Lowes - Target and Walmart all have a nice selection. I think the problem with the paint on the lamp was that the finish on the lamp was dirty or the finish on the lamp has a resin in it. You would need to clean and use a spray primer first - then paint. It could also be that the paint was applied to thick - try very light coats and let dry between each coat until it is covered.

I would get a bell shaped off white lamp for your urn lamp. I like the color you painted it.

I hope this helps you out. My hubs was in NC yesterday and his flight was delayed because of the storms there last night. He is home now all safe and sound.
My best- Diane

Jodie said...

Hi Beverly,
You made some great finds.I agree with everyone about painting the frame.
I have found Target to have a good selection of lampshades. Shades in off-white would look nice and maybe a less modern shape for the urn lamp. What about painting the lamp base on the low table a color similar to the color in the womans dress in the picture or the color in your rug to tie it all together? Just a thought.
Look forward to seeing what you do!

Miss Char said...

Your room is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I use Lowe's for inexpensive lampshades, they have a very nice inventory. Make sure you take the lamp with you so you can try them on and see what one fits best. I would also agree that there was some sort of residue on the lamp that kept the paint from adhering. Give it a coat of primer and try again. Your finds are great and add to your room, I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain at GW or SA.

As for the print, I don't think the frame does anything for the print, I'd look for something else maybe when Hobby Lobby has their 1/2 off sale (most ever other week) and try something else.

Anonymous said...

WOW! much fun it is going to be deciding about the shades, you could stencil the shades with your great colors, this room looks incredible, so inviting!
Oh ps..the frame would be so lovely painted, with your colors too.

Beverly said...

Oh wow thanks for so many ideas.. Miss Char I think I will take the print out and find another frame for it and use the frame for the clothes.. I would have never thought to look at Lowes for shades.. target is a good idea also.. and I think matching the rug or pic for the lamp would looke great! Thanks so much!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Your living room looks great, Beverly. I agree with the others to paint the frame and to find something else for the print with Jesus and the sheep. What a lovely print! Your lamps are lovely too. Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on Cottage and Creek. I lived in Holly Springs for 16 months but then moved back to Buffalo to be near family and some much needed support. My daughter lives in Briar Creek with her new husband and he works for IBM. Any chance you know Frances Howard? I lived across the street from her in Holly Springs. I know she's friends with the gal that runs Guardian Angel. I'm glad you were able to accept the Stylish Blogger Award. It is time consuming to do, but a nice honor. I'm glad to hear your granddaughter is out of the hospital. God is good.
Hugs ... Lynn