Friday, June 28, 2013

New Mantle Mirror

There is nothing like waiting months and months to put up a new post. Since I started a full time job, I have really had a hard time carving out the time to blog but I can't throw in the towel.
Finally.. I have a couple of spare minutes so I wanted to share how a little mirror project turned out for me. I found this old mirror ona a facebook group called buy, sell, trade. Do any of you have a local group you buy used items from other than Craigs? This was a diamond in the rough, you know the ugly plastic 50, 60's stuff.

Pretty detail
A good cleaning, some newspaper and Annie Sloan

It was pretty dusty. The girl I bought this from said it had been in her Grandmother's barn.

A little soft wax.. then some stain and it started to take shape

I took a little of the paint off with some sandpaper

awww..... perfect fit to the room!
I may not post a lot but still do love stopping in and visiting to see what everyone has been up to.



Nicole @ Sweet Tea Proper said...

That mirror is beautiful! I completely understand the difficulty in finding time to work and blog. I just started blogging a couple of months ago and also work full time. Blogging regularly is definitely a lot harder than it looks!

Susan @ Simply Stone Creek said...

That turned out absolutely gorgeous!!

James Curtis said...

I found all things here fantastic, keep it up!

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