Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome Fall

Rabbit peaking out of mums
  When I was young I swore I would leave the south for big city living. Surely I would not remain here. I would move up north, maybe even California. What did the south have to offer me? Now at 54, I realize I realize what it had to offer me. The south must be one of the greatest places God ever created. One of the wonderful things about southern living is watching the seasons change. Although there is something about every season that I love, the fall is probably my favorite season. I love the colors of the leaves when they change, the nip in the air, the smell of burning leaves and the holidays.. yep fall is probably my favorite time of the year.

Did I forget to mention that I love rabbits any time of year?

Another rabbit with cabbage plants sitting at the back door. How did the rabbits get broken ears? My dear husband likes to see how fast he can go on his riding lawn mower, do I need to say more?

Pumpkins are the perfect addition to fall. Sitting on the front porch. I was going to make a topiary but chickened out. I may give it a try later.
These sit at a quiet spot at the back door.

Made this wreath after seeing the one my oldest daughter has.

A sign to welcome soon to visit trick or treaters..

Love the vintage look
Don't know exactly what type of tree this is but aren't the berries in the fall pretty? 

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